We believe in the voice and in the power of the collective. Here are a few of the initiatives we’re working on to create positive change for our careers and lifestyle. This is the first step to what we’ve all been waiting for.

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Wevolv Petition

Most of us work in an unprofessional atmosphere, and we haven’t done enough to fight for change. The aim of this petition is to ensure that the relevant stakeholders and governing bodies are performing to the highest standard in terms of transparency and accountability.

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Athlete Salary + Contract Coalition

Help players, and yourself, make better career decisions by anonymously submitting your salary or contract. The Coalition's goal is to achieve accurate pay and leverage valuable information through crowdsourced data.
* your data will be protected and your name will never be attached to the information shared

Athlete Salary + Contract Coalition
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Dhruv Kumar
by Dhruv Kumar
Legal Associate

Storytelling + Content

It’s time we bring light to the stories of our community. Check out some of the different content options and follow along. If you’d like to share a piece of yours, feel free to reach out.

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Unguarded: Phone Calls Podcast

A podcast dedicated to sharing authentic, unfiltered, and raw views around overseas sports, current events, and culture. Nothing off-limits and guests are free to share their voice on the platform. This podcast is for US to speak to one another and not intended to entertain fans.

Everything we do at WEVOLV is for the athlete and athlete only. We record an episode every two weeks with my co-host, L'oreal Gamble. She’s a former pro basketball player, wife to a current pro, and the mother of 3 little boys.

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Unveiled: Blog Post

A private ecosystem of global elite athletes who are open-minded thought leaders and curious souls. This is a blog where we unveil truths from our journey, ones that mainstream media doesn’t typically cover. It can be anonymous, handwritten, or we interview you.

The most important piece is to get the stories out to the community in whichever way feels most safe and true to you. We publish unfiltered narratives on stories that confront biases, challenge industry leaders, and confront the real struggles or false perceptions of the athlete.

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I am because of who we all are. - Ubuntu philosophy

Our main mission

WEVOLV is creating the most athlete-driven company out there. To build a place where we can come to find, discover, and validate any resource that might be needed to manage our career and lifestyle.

It is built for the open-minded, curious athletes who want to grow & collaborate within a supportive community.

We must shape and mold the industry or it will never be shaped or molded for us.

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