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We anonymize your data by removing any personally identifiable information like your name, and we share salary details only in a range format. No individual contract can be traced back to you.

Yes, you can opt-out or request the removal of your information at any time. Simply contact us, and we will guide you through the process.

There are no legal implications or liabilities for submitting your contract information. We ensure full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, and our anonymization process safeguards your identity.

WEVOLV complies with all applicable data protection laws in various jurisdictions. We adhere to stringent data handling procedures that align with legal regulations.

Via WEVOLV app, you can view overall analytics based on the community - contributed data. As we get more insights from the community we will be able to provide personalized insights which will be found in your personal dashboard on the WEVOLV app.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out at [].

WEVOLV uses insights to advocate for athletes, promoting transparency, fairness, and equitable contracts in professional sports. We actively work with leagues, unions, and other stakeholders to drive positive change.

WEVOLV has robust data security protocols in place, ensuring that your contract data remains confidential. Only a limited number of authorized staff have access to raw data, and they are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

Your contract information will be used to analyze trends, compare contracts across different teams and leagues, and provide insights to help athletes make informed decisions. The raw data will be accessed by a select few WEVOLV staff for analysis only.

By participating, you're helping us build a tool that can guide negotiations, inform career decisions, and empower athletes to advocate for fair compensation and benefits.

Participation in the Contract Coalition will not impact your existing contracts or future negotiations. Our process ensures that individual information is not identifiable.

There are no specific requirements for contract types, and you are welcome to submit contracts from past seasons or different leagues. Each submission enhances our understanding.

Our anonymization process and data handling procedures assure that individual contracts will not be recognizable or traceable in any reports or insights provided.

The Contract Coalition is a long-term initiative aimed at creating a more transparent environment in professional sports. You can stay involved by subscribing to our updates and engaging with our research and advocacy efforts.